Kemmer Ranch

Kemmer Ranch is a breeding stock Boer Goat ranch owned and operated by Pit and Linda Kemmer and Hank and Barbie Kemmer in Crossville, Tennessee. The Kemmer brothers' goal and focus is to produce top breeding stock and show goats for the popular and growing Boer Goat industry. They Currently maintain one of the most prestigious and productive flush programs in the U.S. and are consistently topping shows and sales with their offspring. They are "true breeders" in that most of their Boer Goats are bred and raised on the ranch. Most matings for natural and flush breedings are decided upon and planned by the Kemmer brothers. They strive to be on the leading edge of the new genetic trends while using the wisdom of tried and true breeding combinations of the past. Kemmer Ranch is truly a leader in the Boer Goat industry.

The Kemmers are not new to breeding and being on the forefront of livestock ventures. A few of their past accomplishments include. Two time Premier Breeder/Exhibitor of Swine, numerous regional and Overall State Reserve Champion Market Lambs, American Quarter Horse Association Cutting Champions, American Paint Horse Association Champions, numerous AQHA and Jockey Club Stakes Winners, two time Breeder of American Horse Show Association "Horse of the Year", several American Angus Association Champions and the Denver National Champion Bull, 8 National Champion and 4 International Champion Australian Cattle Dogs and numerous Regional and National Championships (ABGA and IBGA) with Boer Goats.

Over the past decade no other farm, ranch, or breeder has excelled Kemmer Ranch in the in house production of top Boer goats.  The partnership of Kemmer Ranch and Keri Hyde has produced (by judge’s selection) more National Breeders Combo winners at ABGA, IBGA, and Junior Nationals than any other breeder.  Many years winning all these divisions. Through our consistency in genetics, quality of goats, and unwavering standards we have continually been at the top with our goats at both Nationals.  We are proudest of this accomplishment as these were goats that were selected, owned, bred, and raised by us.  Our Goats! We invite you to join in our continued effort to improve our great breed through using our select genetics.  Breed the best!

"We are excited and very positive about the expansion of the meat and Boer goat industry in the United States and worldwide. We see no end to the market and demand in the goat industry. As people continuing to learn of the positive aspects of goats on farms and ranches, the quality and health aspects of the meat and the joy of breeding and showing these great goats. We know the goat industry is here to STAY!

If we can be of service or help you in any way feel free to contact us. See you down the road."

Hank, Barbie, Pit and Linda Kemmer

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