Pit Kemmer, Kemmer Auctioneers will be involved in the following sales if we can help you in selection, phone bidding, or any other manner please let us know.
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Kemmer Auctioneers Testimonials

We have contracted with Kemmer Auctioneers to conduct three sales for Fern Hollow Farm . Pit and Linda Kemmer's professionalism and commitment to service prove beneficial to all parties involved. Their experience and networking are invaluable during the presale planning and preparation . The actual sale day experience has been exceptional.  We consider it a privilege to have had the opportunity to work with the Kemmers.

Pat and Holly McShane
Fern Hollow Farm

The Northeast Livestock Expo in Maine has used Kemmer Auctioneering for our Boer Goat Sales, Purebred Beef Sales, and Purebred Sheep and Lamb sales several times over the last few years. Pit and Linda have always done an excellent and professional job of auctioneering and clerking our sale. The have a great rapport with the consignors and the crowd. As a team they work extremely hard to do everything perfectly. We feel they are great people.
Curtis and Linda Prime
Northeast Livestock Expo

Pit is over and above an auctioneer. He is a true friend that has a great combination of talking fast (auctioneering!), knowing pedigrees of great Boer goats, and a great sense of business to make your sale the best it can be for both the customers and the sellers. He really tries to put the right people together by advertising your sale and also remembering if people are looking for a specific blood line or type of goat.

Bill and Sue Hobby
Boers by Hobby

Tri-State Boer Genetics and their consignors would like to thank Pit and Linda Kemmer for their part in the Tri-State sales. When the Tri-State partners were making plans for these sales in 2004 they knew a good auctioneer would be a must. There were a lot of good auctioneers locally and in nearby states but we believed we needed someone who was a good auctioneer but also knew the goat industry and pedigrees. We all agreed that our auctioneer would be Pit Kemmer. Pit has worked every sale for us and we especially agree he was the right choice since the internet has become involved. It takes the special person to concentrate on all activities going on. We want to thank Pit again as we start the sale season in 2014.

 Tri-State Boers---Leon Werner- Dave Frueh- Alvin Tingle



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